Rogue River Rafting: The Lazy Man’s way to Getting Soaked

No one ever plans on getting soaked while having an exciting time riding the rapids. That is until they involve themselves with Rogue River Rafting. It may be your first encounter with whitewater, and you are ill prepared concerning wearing proper gear, being mentally ready and going along with another group of people whom you are not familiar with. Even if you experienced whitewater in a canoe, it is quite a different story when you are on a raft.

Needless to say, it is not half bad when you opt for experiencing outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips who will ensure you are fully prepared to tackle white water rafting the Rogue river adventures in the Southern Oregon vicinity. They have been operating since 1969, and they have a range of packages available that you can make your selection from. Different trips are offered on the famous Klamath, Idaho, California and Rogue rivers. You are not left in the dark regarding what to expect thanks to a thorough induction program.

Follow along as we delve into the experience of a couple who decided they want to discover the lazy man’s way of getting soaked The reason we are making this statement is that you have all the help you need as the Orange Torpedo guides are with you all the way.

The couple under discussion were picked up right on time and taken to the nearest collection point where a couple of rafts were waiting to be used. It was unbelievable how easy going the driver (experienced river guide) was and how effortlessly he pulled the raft onto the trailer. Soon, he started sharing his 20 years plus experience, which put the couple’s mind at ease, knowing they will be in safe hands.

On their way to the starting point, another group of four people was picked up to be taken to the drop off at the beginning for the Rogue River. Besides the driver, there was another guide who assisted in getting the raft ready. While he was busy doing that, the driver ensured that everyone got fitted with safety helmets, lifejackets and waterproof jackets. Once the boat was ready, he checked to see that the life jackets fitted snugly as a safety measure.

The other guide spoke to the couple about safety protocols and described various scenarios and the best way to react if you fall out of the raft. Further briefing and demonstrations followed about paddling and other activities that were planned for the day. Everyone was told to work in sync with one another with regards to paddling as the higher level rapids require good teamwork.

The time came to head down the Rogue. While that was happening, the Orange Torpedo guide told everybody about the kind of rapids they will encounter. Most of the trips on board the Rogue River involve class 1 to class IV rapids.

Here is how it went down for the couple who decided to venture onto the Rogue, accompanied by experienced river guides:

“Most of the paddling was done by the guide who waded his way through some mellow rapids before encountering a level III rapid. It wasn’t long before we got to a level IV rapid. At this stage, we had to hang on for dear life while the guide managed to get us safely through the biggest rapid of the day. We felt like we were on a bucking bronco and got soaked as well while going through a drop. However, we were in and out so fast that there weren’t even any time to get scared. Only a short time later, we got out of the raft at the side of the river to enjoy a welcome break. The meal we had was delicious, to say the least. The driver ensured that everything was just perfect, from the omelets to the homemade ginger beer. While we were busy eating, another boat made its way through the same rapid we just encountered. It was a little stressful to see how they catapulted on the raft turning sideways and that two people found themselves going down the river. The guide told us that while rafting is great fun, there is the off chance that things may not go as planned. It is best to be prepared for anything.”
The couple went back on the Rogue again to experience a few more rapids, including another class IV. It wasn’t long before their river rafting experience was over and they headed back home. They vouched to return and tackle more exciting rapids next time round. See for yourself what makes the best Orange Torpedo rafting trips different to any other outfitter by contacting them on 800-635-2925 or submit your booking at: