About al-Imam al-Shirazi

Al-Imam al-Shirazi is not a normal figure as he is a high religious authority and a leader of many millions around the globe, who follow him and use the light of his knowledge to see the road ahead when applying Islam in their lives.

Al-Imam al-Shirazi has established and sponsered so many Islamic centres, religious foundations, and scientific schools (Hawzas) in different regions of the world.  He is distinguished for his sharp vision, and broad awareness of Muslims’ affairs and what is going on in their countries.  He is also recognised for his abundant, mature, and experienced thought as well as his realistic view to matters.

He believes in the necessity of Islamic nation (Umma) and brotherhood, and in the availability of Islamic freedoms.  He also calls upon people to be open-minded, and support discussion, political plurality (or partnership), and the consultation of religious authorities. These ideas are explained in details in many books that he has written.

What makes the writings of al-Imam al-Shirazi so special is that they are comprehensive, modern and serve the needs of different scientific and social levels. He has written about the explanation of Quran (Tafseer), the prophet’s -PBUH- traditions (Hadith), doctrines (Aka’id), speech, philosophy, politics, economics, sociology, management, rights, history, etc… He has also researchs and detailed studies in jurisprudence (Fiqh), Usul, as well as pamphlets and simple books for the young generation. He wrote for the students whether in Hawza (religious school) or university. His writings in different fields exceeded 950 books, studies, and pamphlets.

This scientific outcome of al-Imam al-Shirazi presents an intrinsic knowledge, and the encyclopaedia of Fiqh is one proof of that, as it is new in its chapters and titles and it consists of more than a hundred and thirty five books which exceeds sixty thousands of big size papers.

The encyclopaedia contains modern problems that are discussed through similarities, and deep understanding of the problems, the superior knowledge of how to get to the answers, and the exquisite customary taste, as well as the accuracy, and the careful study have lead to new deductions.

Since his early years, al-Imam al-Shirazi was known for his scientific ability as well as his efficiency in management and leadership. As a result of this ability and efficiency he was recognised by his father as Mujtahid in 1379H and by many other great Marajis (religious jurisprudents) later on.

After the death of his father in 1380H al-Imam al-Shirazi took charge of Marji’iyah (or the religious juristic authority).

Many great scholars, lecturers, and people who have thesis in Hawzas have cried up for his superior knowledge and intelligence.

Al-Imam al-Shirazi belongs to a highborn family that is related to al-Imam al-Hussain Ibnu Ali Ibnu Abi Talib (PBUT), and deeply rooted in science, litterature, virtue, and Jihad (or strive).

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